Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

I have general questions for the Brody School of Medicine. Is there a number I can call? 252-744-1020 or 866-515-4577

I have general questions for ECU Physicians. Is there a number I can call? 252-744-1111 or 800-722-3281

I am an employee of ECU Physicians, is there a number I can call for information during adverse weather? 252-744-5080 or 800-745-5181

Scheduling/Appointments Questions

How can I make an appointment? Visit our Clinical Locations to access clinic contact information or visit MyChart to schedule an appointment with your healthcare professional.

I have an appointment. How do I find out when and where it is? For information about a scheduled appointment, check MyChart or call 800-722-3281 or 252-744-1111.

How do I locate a specific healthcare professional? Locate your healthcare professional by using our Find a Doctor tool or contact your existing healthcare professional by sending a secure online message through MyChart.

I need to see my test results. How do I find these? Locate them by logging on to MyChart or contacting your clinic directly, Clinical Locations.

What are my rights as a patient? We value you as a patient and your rights and responsibilities are specified in our Patient Bill of Rights.

I need an interpreter for my appointment. How can I set this up? When scheduling your appointment, please ask for an interpreter. Hearing impaired interpreters are also available.

Billing Questions

Who should I call if I have a question about what my insurance covers? Please contact your insurance company by calling the customer service number listed on your insurance identification card.

Am I responsible for paying my co-payment before my visit? Yes. Per ECU Physicians policy, we collect your co-pay, deductible, and coinsurance before your visit.

Why are patient waivers required to be signed in certain circumstances? Your insurance company deems certain services to be non-covered. If you decide to move forward with having the service rendered, we will require you to sign a patient waiver acknowledging that you accept financial responsibility.

Can I appeal the denial of a claim? Yes. As a premium paying member, your insurance company will consider your appeal. For more details about member appeals and grievances, please review your certificate of insurance or contact your insurance company.

Why do I have two co-payment amounts on my insurance card? You may have a different co-payment amount if you see a Specialist versus a Primary Care Provider. If you have a question about how your co-payment is applied, please contact your insurance company.

How does presenting my insurance identification card help ECU Physicians? As a part of scheduling your appointment, securing a current insurance identification card allows us to coordinate communications with your insurance company in advance of your visit.

How can I request a refund? If you feel you have overpaid on an account, contact us. Please note: All refund requests are subject to review. If there are outstanding balances on any other accounts, a refund may not be granted. If a refund is granted, please allow 4-6 weeks for processing.

How do I know if my visit has been processed by my insurance company? The insurance company will send you an explanation of benefits (EOB), after your claim has processed. The EOB will list the amount that ECU Physicians billed the Insurance company as well as the amount the Insurance company paid or denied (will include a reason as to why it denied), as well as any patient responsibility due.

I do not understand my bill. How do I know what has been paid and what is owed? Please view our sample bill (include link). This will identify each area of your bill, making it easier to find exactly what you are looking for.

Can I set up a payment plan if I can’t afford to pay all of my bill at once? Yes, you can. Please contact one of our dedicated customer service staff at 252-744-2128 and they will assist you in establishing a Payment Plan.

When will I receive my bill? You should receive your bill approximately 15 business days after payment has been received from your insurance carrier.

Can I pay my bill online? Yes. You can pay through MyChart or you can call the number listed on the statement (252-744-2128). If mailing a payment, please detach the coupon from your statement and mail it back with your payment in the return envelope. An account number must also accompany all payments to ensure it is correctly applied to your account.

What Are Deductibles, Copayments, and Co‐insurance Amounts?

  • A deductible is the initial amount that you must pay before your insurance plan begins to pay for your bills. Typically, a deductible is a flat dollar amount.
  • A co‐payment is a flat amount paid for each visit to a provider. If you have a $50 hospital co‐payment, you must pay $50 for each visit and your insurance company will pay for the remaining balance on all covered services. Co‐pays may vary depending on the location of the visit (i.e. urgent care, emergency department, outpatient hospital clinic, and/or facility).
  • Co‐insurance is the percentage of the total cost of the health service that you must pay until you have reached your out‐of‐pocket maximum for a certain period of time. Co‐insurance rates vary, but the most common is 20 percent. After you meet your out‐of‐pocket maximum for that period of time, then most plans will pay 100 percent of the allowed amount.

In some instances, you may be responsible for a co‐payment, deductible, and co‐insurance amount during the same visit. Please check with your health insurance plan if you have questions.

I was in the hospital for 3 days, and I am receiving multiple bills from different providers. Why? When you are being treated by an ECU Physicians provider in the hospital, you will receive a bill from ECU and the hospital. ECU and ECU Health Medical Center are two separate entities. You may also receive a bill for lab services that are referred outside of ECU or ECU Health Medical Center, as well as services for Anesthesiology.

My insurance states my visit is coded incorrectly. Who do I contact? Please contact our customer service line at 252-744-2128 so a review can be started.

I was billed for services I did not receive from your practice on the date of service in question. Who should I contact? Please contact our customer service line at 252-744-2128.

I was seen in the Emergency Room and already received a bill from ECU Health. Why am I receiving a bill from ECU Physicians? ECU Physicians bills for the services of the physician who treated you while in the Emergency Room. ECU Health Medical Center bills for the use of the facilities.